1. What is COURTNIC ?
It is an information system designed to provide information on pending and disposed cases of Supreme Court of India on Internet for advocates, litigant public and judges of lower courts. The required information is derived from the large databases created in the Supreme Court of India by NIC and maintained by the Registry of Supreme Court.

2. For which period of cases this service is available ?
COURTNIC gives information on the status of all disposed and pending cases of Supreme Court of India except for the cases disposed prior to 1989.

3. What are the Retrieval options ?
Cases can be retrieved through

  • Case No.
  • Title (Petitioner/respondent Name)
  • Advocate name
  • Lowe court details
  • Diary No.

4. How up-to-date it is ?
Generally, the COURTNIC information is updated within 24 hours of the orders passed by the Courts. But sometimes unavoidable circumstances may delay updating of databases.

5. I am an advocate , can I know status of all my cases filed in the Supreme Court?
Yes. By using the retrieval option of 'Advocate name+period', one can access all cases of an advocate filed in the Supreme Court of India.

6. I do not know either Case No. or Party Name, but I know only the lower court case details, where I was a party. Can I know the status of such cases?
Yes. By selecting the retrieval option 'lower court details' in which you need to enter 'state from which the case has arisen, case no. of lower court, date of judgement' you can retrieve the details of a case pending in the Supreme Court of India.

7. Does it support wild card search on Party name or Advocate name?
Yes. It supports wild card search on both Party names as well as Advocate Names through retrieval options Pet./Res names and Advocate Name. It gives an option to the user to select from the list of cases displayed on the screen:- For example: by entering 'Sanj', you can retrieve all cases where 'Sanj' is part of the name of any petition, respondent, Advocate as the case may be.

8. Can I know status of a case if I know only Diary No.?
Yes. By using the retrieval option Diary No. you can know the status of a case.

9. Can I get the latest order of a case from ‘COURTNIC’.
Yes. The latest order passed by the court is available on COURTNIC with in 24 hours of its release by the court. If you are interested to know all the previous orders of a case, please access: http://www.dailyorder.nic.in

10. What status information I get for a case?
It gives the latest information of a case with respect to the status of the case, which could stand as:

  • Party names
  • Advocate names
  • Subject category
  • Disposed of
  • Adjourned
  • Date on which last listed
  • Waiting Position
  • Next date of hearing