1. What is Judgement?
It is a 'Judgement Information System' of some of the Indian Courts. It consists of Judgements of Supreme Court of India, High Courts of Delhi, Andhara Pardesh, Orissa, Jammu & Kashmir. Each of these courts has separate Judgement.

2. Is Judgement free for everyone?
Except Judgement of Supreme Court of India, all other four Judgement databases are free and anyone can access without any restriction. Judgement of Supreme Court of India is available on Membership basis.

3. What does Judgement of Supreme Court of India consist of?
Judgement of Supreme Court of India is available in two parts. The first part consists of Judgements, Headnotes, etc. from 1950 to 1998 on CD-ROMs. It consists of full text of Judgements, Headnotes, etc., from 1950 to 1993. However, from 1994 onwards, it contains only the text of Judgement of Supreme Court of India without Headnotes.

The second part of Judgement consists of Judgements from 1999 till date and it is available on a Web site.

4. Is the entire Judgement of Supreme Court available on Web?
No. The Judgement Web site contains only the judgements from 1999 onwards. The remaining judgements are available on Judgement-CD.

5. What is available on Judgement-CD?
Judgement-CD contains Judgements of the cases decided between 1950 to 1998.

6. What is Membership of Judgement?
Anyone can become a Member of Judgement by signing an agreement with National Informatics Centre Services Inc. (NICSI) and by paying subscription fee. A Judgement Member is entitled to get a Judgement-CD and access to Judgement on Internet for one year.

7. How to become a Member of Judgement?
You can become a Member of Judgement by signing an agreement, which is available on this site. The Agreement contains details of terms and conditions of the Membership

8. Who can access Judgement?
Who ever is a Member of Judgement can access.

9.. Whom to contact for Judgement Subscription?
You may contact NICSI by sending mail to: dutta@hub.nic.in for further details.

10. What is the tenure of Judgement Membership?
The Judgement Membership is valid for one year from the date of signing of the Membership agreement. The Membership can be renewed by paying annual membership fee.

11. How frequently Judgement is updated?
Generally every year a new version of Judgement-CD consisting of Judgements from 1950 to one year before the publication of Judgement-CD, is available. However, the latest judgements of Supreme Court of India are available on Internet within 24 hours of delivery of the judgements by the Court.

12. How frequently Judgement on Internet is updated?
Judgement on Internet is updated on Daily basis.

13. What is the source of Judgement Data?
The source of Judgement is the Supreme Court of India.